Women Rainbow Pastel Colorful Oversized Chenille Striped Sweater #ootd
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Women Rainbow Pastel Colorful Oversized Chenille Striped Sweater #ootd

Larissa Oliveira Futura arquiteta e designer de interiores. Amante da fotografia. Instagram: @osslari Instagram fotográfico: @lariossph

Have you ever enjoyed the comfortable and all-encompassing feel of a soft sweater against your skin? Have you wanted to and wound up talking yourself out of the experience? Well, it's time to change the path of your life and slip your body into the rich, luxurious feeling that only this oversized chenille striped sweater can provide to you. It's like a blanket with sleeves, and you will feel warm. You will feel loved! Your skin will wonder what these new sensations are as the supple fabric slides against your skin! Your body will ask your mind "Why haven't you given me the pleasure of wearing this outfit before?" and you won't be able to have an answer ready, because you'll be wondering what took you so long yourself. And at under $50, it's a great cost for such peace of mind. Buy yourself 2 of them! One for you, and one for a friend who will thank you for days to come once they slip it on themselves! You'll certainly love it! V neck sweater featuring striped sleeves. Color block rainbow pastel colorful sweater made with soft chenille. Cute comfy pullover oversized sweater for women. Wear it off-shoulder for a cute look.


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